Alex MacGregor

I had always wanted to hang a shingle of my own. I’d been happily making wine for over 15 years. I’d had the opportunity to learn from some of the great names in this industry, notably David Ramey of eponymous Ramey Cellars and Bob Cabral of Williams Sellyem. I’d had years of experience working with native yeasts, natural acidity, unfiltered bottling, learning how to take measured risks to put something special, more exciting and demanding into the bottle. What I had not found was the place, the first vineyard that felt right, perfect. I moved from Dry Creek to Mendocino County with my family in 2002, and I first met the now famous (SF Chronicle, 8/1/10) Alvin Tollini at Niemi Vineyard the following year. In an instant, I knew this would be the source of the raw materials, that is to say the grapes, to begin Trinafour Cellars.